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Early in the morning before sunrise on November 10, 2011, Kevin Noe and Chad Stone summited Pico De’ Orizaba in Mexico.  Orizaba is the 3rd highest mountain in North America and towers above the surrounding landscape at nearly 18,500 ft.  This inactive volcano with a spectacular crater can be accessed by climbing up the Jamapa Glacier. Pico D’ Orizaba is the tallest volcano in North America and is one of the “Seven Volcanic Summits”.

The ViewFromTheTop as the sun rises in mid-September 2010 over the American Basin [time lapse photography] in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Joining Kevin Noe was great friend Kyle Pearson. Both successfully summitted Handies Peak early in the morning before sunrise to capture this film sequence.

Kevin Noe  and long time friend and business partner David Fedler spent nearly a month trekking in Nepal in October 2010 where some of the most spectacular mountains in the world are found including Pumori, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, Island Peak, Lobouche and of course Everest.

In July 2011, Kevin Noe participated in a climb of Mt. Rainier with friend David Fedler. Mt. Rainier is considered one of the more technical climbs in the lower 48.  Mt. Rainier is one of the more “prominent” mountains in the world with nearly 13,200 ft of mountain of vertical to climb. Covered with over 25 glaciers and buffeted by Pacific winds laden with precipitation, Rainier is a block of rock, snow and always on the move. At the summit, steam arises from the melted snow deep in the earth.

In 2014, Kevin Noe organized the first Tata Technologies Senior Leadership Team offsite in Colorado. Working with climbing friends Matt Murray, Del Van Essen and son Ben Noe, they led the team to the summits of two different mountains in near winter conditions. On the second mountain [Mt Democrat] each of the senior leaders guided dear friend and blind ex-military combat veteran Steve Baskis to the summit.

Teamwork with Trust. As the Americas Chief OperationsOfficer, Kevin Noe has been the host and chief guide for the company’s Senior Leadership Team. In June of 2015, the SLT conducted two offsite events that involved rock climbing and trekking to the top of Colorado’s highest peak – Mt. Elbert.

World Leaders Forum. In 2009 and just prior to stepping away from Tata Technologies for an indefinite sabbatical, Kevin shared his idea/dream of developing an Entrepruenurial Studies program at his alma mater – Judson University. To financially underwrite the program he created a fundraising platform that would ultimately give the university greater visibility, create a stronger brand presence in the US, provide every incoming student an opportunity to meet and hear from a world leader each year and raise the funds to enable the new program Since then, President George W. Bush, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and President of Mexico Felipe Calderon have visited Judson as keynote speakers. Judson University has been awarded special recognition from the Elgin City Council as a result of the World Leaders Forum and in 2015 recognized as one of the three most distinctive Christian universities in the United States. This video was recorded just prior to the first World Leaders Forum in 2010.